Sunday, 29 August 2010

Them missing seminars

Last year we managed to get all but two seminars uploaded quickly after the event. This year we are not as good as last time.

We now have 11 seminars uploaded to our Assembly Summer 2010 ARTtech seminars channel on Vimeo. This leaves 8 seminars to go. The following six still need editing, but exist on hard disk and will be uploaded in the near future as time allows:
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Pirate Bay, Magnatune, Flattr
  • Year of Demos - a look back at the best demos since ASSEMBLY Summer 2009
  • Creative on my platform
  • Webcam stories
  • Using and abusing Renoise as a demosequencer
  • Demoscene documentary - never forget
For the first two seminars missing from this list, "Storytelling with minimal hardware" and "Demo programming for beginners", we are very sorry to say that they will not be published due to a technical error when recording them. The recordings have no audio and thus can't be used. We do record both to HDD and to tape, but in this case both recordings have the same failure. This is unfortunately the kind of thing that can happen when setting up our systems and wasn't noticed in time.

Fortunately the "Demo programming for beginners" session was also held in 2008 and 2009 and we have the 2009 recording available. The session probably wasn't exactly the same each year, but the key content should be similar. As to visy's session we can only apologise again.

Finally some people may actually also be interested in our programs and especially the compo studios. Most of these are just fine and actually encoded. I have simply been too busy/lazy to upload them to Vimeo, so here is a link for the meantime. The link leads to our holding directory, which isn't too pretty and some of the videos there may not even work, so use it at your own peril. Additionally the executable music, graphics, 4k intro and 64k intro studios were not correctly recorded to tape and need to be pieced together from our backup stream reference file. This should be doable, but we haven't quite worked out the details yet.

Finally I would like to remind everyone that our Vimeo and Youtube accounts are set up to tweet all new videos via the AsssemblyTV Twitter account. This or subscribing to us directly on Vimeo or Youtube is a good way to receive immediate notifications of new uploads. We generally upload compos to Youtube and other stuff to Vimeo due to Youtube's length restrictions and Vimeo's weekly upload limits.

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