Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Assembly Summer 2014 is coming

Hi readers!

Past 10 months have been quite thrilling for all of you, and also for us organizers. First of all, Assembly Winter was held in Messukeskus. It was big change for us as everything was new and exciting. We had to re-plan almost everything, which took a lot of time and effort.

Still I think this change is a good thing. We had to start re-thinking our ways of working. Last couple of years we have been more or less copy-pasting the old thing. It has been fun, but like Abyss said in Assembly 20 years video, we are missing something as organizers. That special feeling when we don't know everything. The little adrenaline rush. And the relief when we still manage to get everything done just in time.

Markings in my calendar. Yes I am oldschool.
I think it was big surprise that we also changed Assembly Summer to be held in Messukeskus. We didn't mention this possibility to our visitors at all, we couldn't release even Assembly dates. So the rumors started...

Someone was asking if we got kicked out from Hartwall Arena. We weren’t. Instead we were  waiting for Assembly organizing and Messukeskus to finalize the dates. In the meantime, even we organizers weren’t certain where and when Assembly is held this year. It affected our preparation as well.

Almost all of our organizers are volunteer workers. We don't get paid to do this. We know you as our guests were eager to know dates, and so were we. We have to negotiate our summer holidays for the right time. It is quite ok to say that "I need this one week" to my boss, but two weeks can be harder to get for some of us. So it was relief to know where and when Assembly is held.

But now it's time to start working. One rainy evening some LiveCrew and GameCrew members met at Hima & Sali to discuss gaming streams. I was curious, so I went to see what’s going on and to show you that something is really happening. Our work is still in progress, but at least we have ideas on what to do and how. It is really nice to see people discussing and having ideas and also having good time doing this.

Livecrew meets Gamecrew
So we are working on it. Assembly is coming. Three and a half months to go! Clock is ticking.. tick.. tock.. tick... tock...

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