Thursday, 31 July 2014

Assembly Summer 2014 Building: Wednesday

Morning started again around 9 am. I can't even remember what I did. I just started doing. At least I was tweeting pictures and helping others with their duties. Oh yes! I also helped with assembling couple of computers on their places. Then we had some HR related stuff to do (distributing lunch coupons, t-shirts and bracelets etc.). And because my brains are now empty I hope these pictures tell more than 1000 words...

Camera @ studio
From these workstations we can supervise streams
Main hall around 3 pm
All organizers meetu
Studio setup
Studio equipment
Studio "by night"


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Assembly Summer 2014 Building: Tuesday

Hot hot hot!

I came to Messukeskus around 9. The hall was quite empty at that time. That white thing on the floor is our main screen. Air conditioning is off in the hall and air was little bit humid. Very nice working environment.

Main hall & screen
I also went to one conference room which is reserved for our organizers. In this room our Livecrew and Webcrew and some of Gamecrew members will be working. Including me. Room was almost empty at first but very quickly people got their stuff in.

Conference room where we will work
I made a quick walk around main hall and saw that the studio was forming. Sofas, cameras and some lights were in place. Also our A-sign is here! I think it looks good by the way.

Sofa and armchair under testing
Studio light
After walk I went to my own place and started to put our TV programs to our own database. Meaning that we are using selfmade piece of software called Elaine. It is used in many steps when producing TV broadcast. First step is to put entry for every program there. In the entry we imply for example how long is that program, is it movable (insert etc.) or live show, in which stream we are going to show it etc. This job takes a while and is little bit boring, but it's work what has to be done. I was doing entries for all known AssemblyTV stream and Seminar stream programs.

When we have all programs in the database we can start to create something called playlist. I think this term is familiar to almost everybody. It is just list of our programs. For example I tell to the software that we are going to play program called "Opening Ceremony" 31th of July at 18.00. Software already knows that program will last for 1 hour and it reserves that time slot for this program. After I have done this to every program, we can see complete schedule of our stream. Software will also highlight if we have gaps between programs or if some programs are going to overlap. So it's nice to see our schedule visualized. Other organizers are using this database also for their own use in many different ways. This was just my part for today.

After I was done with Elaine I head to my home. But just before leaving Messukeskus I took some pictures.

Screen isn't on the floor anymore!

At least some part of studio equipment in place

Thursday, 24 July 2014

1 girl, 2 guys and GoPro

Good day ladies and gentlemen!

I tried to think what should I write next. Last year was easier since I was doing something "real". Now I am documenting our team ways of working and what kind of positions we have etc. So nothing so exciting.. at least not yet. But while I was doing that, I thought that maybe I can learn new skill. So I borrowed GoPro and asked couple of other organizers to join me doing one video. I have never done any filming or video editing. My experience is more or less just being front of the camera while other people are doing the work. This time I want to try myself with help of others.

One evening we met at Eläintarhan Neste with Wolde and sntr. We started to shoot. We had many problems in the way, so here is list of my mistakes:

1. GoPro didn't have screen piece with it and we didn't know wifi password. Lesson 1: Test camera always before shooting!
2. It's ok to use this plastic shield on gopro if it's raining and you don't need to capture voices. Lesson 2: Take shield of when shooting inside and you need audio.
3. Lesson 3: You need quite much empty space from your computer to edit 3,5 minute video. Be prepared better than I was..
4. Lesson 4: Let experts to do filming and video editing ;)

This was my first time, so I please that you don't shoot me when you see it. It was nice to try though. And I think I learned many little things about what our team members are doing and why they are working like they do. Film itself is in Finnish but captions are available :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Livecrew is reforming

Dear readers,

I mentioned in my last post that Livecrew is going through some changes so here’s a little more on that. As our guest you will see that the party has moved from Hartwall Arena to Helsingin Messukeskus. But what you can't see is that our own Livecrew is reforming a little bit as well. At this point we have around 70 crew members in 8 different teams. And I will now tell you what different teams are doing.

Main hall stream team

This team is working in our main hall. It consists of a team lead, cameramen, two directors, a sound technic, a stream supervisor, an editor, a graphic operator, a producer and a TV host. They are responsible for all main hall broadcasts like ceremonies and compostudios.
Building on going @ Assembly Summer 2013

Video team
This team creates short video clips like guest and sponsor interviews. It has a team lead, couple of reporters and two cameramen-editors.

Photography team
We have amazing pictures in our gallery! 5 photographers working at Assembly Organizing ensure that the greatest moments will get captured.

Gaming stream team
At this point I am not sure how many members this team will have. At least they will have a team lead, couple of operators checking streams and taking care that microphones are on and working, a sound guy etc.

Main hall AV team
If you see the lights on our main stage or hear "Elefanttimarssi", this team is to blame! ;) They consist of a team lead, directors, stage managers, graphic operators, sound operators, light operator, couple of people taking care of slideshows and one developer.


This team consists of roudies. They plan and setup (with help of buildcrew) our stage including lights, sound systems, big screen etc.

Building on going @ Assembly Summer 2013

Seminar team
If you can’t make it to the party place, you can still follow our seminars online because of our great seminar team. This team has a director, a stage manager, cameramen, post production person and a sound guy.

Stream supervisors and other crew members
This is my team. We are doing something we couldn't categorize in any other teams. So we have our team lead, couple of technics responsible for streams, post-production and developing new stuff, our function head (responsible of whole Livecrew) and then there is me. Writing blogs, facebooking, tweeting and creating documentation.

Like I said, we have big crew. We are doing this stuff only once or twice per year and some of our crew members will change every year. During the party we are doing this almost around the clock so in many places we need couple people doing the same job so others can sleep and eat at some point (people get cranky without sleep and food, trust us). This is fun, but sometimes everything doesn't go as smooth as we would like. Also we don't have the same devices every year. We just try to get everything from wherever. So every year we have new problems. Totally not boring! And I think if one can survive in our conditions they can survive in any day to day job no matter what!

Do you have questions? Please feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer :)