Thursday, 24 July 2014

1 girl, 2 guys and GoPro

Good day ladies and gentlemen!

I tried to think what should I write next. Last year was easier since I was doing something "real". Now I am documenting our team ways of working and what kind of positions we have etc. So nothing so exciting.. at least not yet. But while I was doing that, I thought that maybe I can learn new skill. So I borrowed GoPro and asked couple of other organizers to join me doing one video. I have never done any filming or video editing. My experience is more or less just being front of the camera while other people are doing the work. This time I want to try myself with help of others.

One evening we met at Eläintarhan Neste with Wolde and sntr. We started to shoot. We had many problems in the way, so here is list of my mistakes:

1. GoPro didn't have screen piece with it and we didn't know wifi password. Lesson 1: Test camera always before shooting!
2. It's ok to use this plastic shield on gopro if it's raining and you don't need to capture voices. Lesson 2: Take shield of when shooting inside and you need audio.
3. Lesson 3: You need quite much empty space from your computer to edit 3,5 minute video. Be prepared better than I was..
4. Lesson 4: Let experts to do filming and video editing ;)

This was my first time, so I please that you don't shoot me when you see it. It was nice to try though. And I think I learned many little things about what our team members are doing and why they are working like they do. Film itself is in Finnish but captions are available :)

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