Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Livecrew is reforming

Dear readers,

I mentioned in my last post that Livecrew is going through some changes so here’s a little more on that. As our guest you will see that the party has moved from Hartwall Arena to Helsingin Messukeskus. But what you can't see is that our own Livecrew is reforming a little bit as well. At this point we have around 70 crew members in 8 different teams. And I will now tell you what different teams are doing.

Main hall stream team

This team is working in our main hall. It consists of a team lead, cameramen, two directors, a sound technic, a stream supervisor, an editor, a graphic operator, a producer and a TV host. They are responsible for all main hall broadcasts like ceremonies and compostudios.
Building on going @ Assembly Summer 2013

Video team
This team creates short video clips like guest and sponsor interviews. It has a team lead, couple of reporters and two cameramen-editors.

Photography team
We have amazing pictures in our gallery! 5 photographers working at Assembly Organizing ensure that the greatest moments will get captured.

Gaming stream team
At this point I am not sure how many members this team will have. At least they will have a team lead, couple of operators checking streams and taking care that microphones are on and working, a sound guy etc.

Main hall AV team
If you see the lights on our main stage or hear "Elefanttimarssi", this team is to blame! ;) They consist of a team lead, directors, stage managers, graphic operators, sound operators, light operator, couple of people taking care of slideshows and one developer.


This team consists of roudies. They plan and setup (with help of buildcrew) our stage including lights, sound systems, big screen etc.

Building on going @ Assembly Summer 2013

Seminar team
If you can’t make it to the party place, you can still follow our seminars online because of our great seminar team. This team has a director, a stage manager, cameramen, post production person and a sound guy.

Stream supervisors and other crew members
This is my team. We are doing something we couldn't categorize in any other teams. So we have our team lead, couple of technics responsible for streams, post-production and developing new stuff, our function head (responsible of whole Livecrew) and then there is me. Writing blogs, facebooking, tweeting and creating documentation.

Like I said, we have big crew. We are doing this stuff only once or twice per year and some of our crew members will change every year. During the party we are doing this almost around the clock so in many places we need couple people doing the same job so others can sleep and eat at some point (people get cranky without sleep and food, trust us). This is fun, but sometimes everything doesn't go as smooth as we would like. Also we don't have the same devices every year. We just try to get everything from wherever. So every year we have new problems. Totally not boring! And I think if one can survive in our conditions they can survive in any day to day job no matter what!

Do you have questions? Please feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer :)

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