Saturday, 2 August 2014

Assembly Summer 2014: Friday

Playlist of different streams
After not so good night sleep I was almost ready to work again. My first shift started at 10. We didn't have any programs going to streams so I had time to write blog post. First 5 hours were very quiet. Only seminar stream going out and everything worked nicely. Officially my shifts are 10-14 and 18-22, but it seems that I like to sit in broadcastHQ anyway. If I am not supervising streams I am writing blog or answering questions coming from social media. By the way, it's nice feeling when I know that I helped someone.

Friday's theme was different links to our streams. We have at least 3 kind of links depending on where people are watching (in the party network or outside) and what operating systems they have and what player they have. Problem was that this time we tried to put only links to our web front page and those led only to embedded player. But it seems that it's not enough for our customers. So we have to think where we put these  links next year so people can find that info easily. Thanks for everybody who have given us constructive feedback! We are listening :)

We also have some other work to do. One of our stuff asked people around to come to the stage just before 11 pm. We went there and heard that on of our visitors has birthday and we are going to sing to her :) So we went to the stage and because birthday hero wasn't at place yet we tarted to play some sing&play song. One version can be found here. If some of our guests was first time at Assembly it can be little surprise to have this kind of kids song coming from speakers and adults singing and playing along. But it's fun! 

After this gymnastic exercise I went to sauna. After warm bath I noticed how tired and hungry I was. So I grab food from Hesburger and went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. 

Corner of game heaven and sponsors
Main screen
Nice lights in main hall
Candy in the ceiling
Main hall from different angle
One side screen in the main hall
More candy

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