Sunday, 3 August 2014

Assembly Summer 2014: Saturday

I woke up from Netcrew's couch (it was nice place to sleep btw.) around 9, made couple of sandwiches and opened seminar stream. Everybody else was still sleeping and it was nice and quiet.  

Nothing mayor happened during the day. Streams went out nicely, we were almost in time and so on. Only problem was with demo compos: when recording entries there was some problems with device doing recording and it caused annoying "skriik!" sound to demos and when it was noticed it was too late to do recording again so it could be shown in big screen on time. But it wasn't that big of a problem.

Saturday evening is my favorite time since demos are coming, so I didn't mind to be on call :)

Watching demos from my on call place
We share room with web crew

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