Monday, 4 August 2014

Assembly Summer 2014: Sunday

It's last day of Assembly Summer 2014. Every time this last day is little bit sad for me. I have built for 2-3 days, there have been 3 magnificent event days. I have been living with these people for almost a week. Our organizers are like big family. I have had so many hugs and so much love. This is one thing why I like to arrange Assembly. And that is the thing why I am feeling little bit down. We have to dismantle the event and then everybody goes home. I can see many of our organizers during the year, but it is not the same. I think this group of people are something exceptional. Usually Finnish people are little bit shy and they don't like if others come too close. But this group is different. I think this is more like ice hockey team. You can see them hugging and cheering after they have scored. We have around 250 volunteers and this group feels like big family. Even outside the venue I have had so much help from this team. I just can't explain more. But this is why I am feeling little bit down. But luckily Assembly comes again!

Studio is no more

So back to the main thing. We had only one hour of stream to supervise: prize ceremony 2 and right after closing ceremony. When I woke up I started to pack unused stuff. It wasn't big thing since we had only 4 computers and we will need only 2 of them anymore. Then we just watched the ceremonies and right after I packed rest of the computers with help of Ilkka and Samuli. 

People dismantling FOH
When we were ready I headed to the main hall. There was lots of stuff to do. First I collected AV cables and rolled them in certain way. It depends of the owners how they want to have those cables packed and sometimes it's hard to know which cable was from whom and how they would like to have stuff packed. But after couple of years I have learned a lot and dismantling is more easier every time. 

After this cable circus we started to take down main stage. At this point the main hall felt very warm since air conditioning is off again. When we were ready with main stage we head to the rave stage and dismantled it also. Main big things left were some tables and big screen etc.So I decided that now it's good time to be away for a while to drive my nephew to train station and find some food to him before train leaves. When I came back there was only Netcrew packing their last stuff. So it was time for me to head to home. 
Nice and tidy hall after LAN party.. or not @Game Heaven

Thank you all for this event! We need visitors to make this event possible you are the main reason why we are doing this! We need also our sponsors to make this all possible. And to all of our organizers: Love you! 

Main hall from outside @ 11.30pm
And last words. If you were our visitor, please fill out our survey.

You can also watch all AssemblyTV programs from archive or youtube. And if you are missing us you can check out our photographers fantastic pictures from gallery.

See you next year!
Last picture

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