Friday, 1 August 2014

Assembly Summer 2014: Thursday

Thursday was more or less same as Wednesday. Setting up machines, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, fixing playlists etc.

First stream to start was Hearthstone tournament at 16:00. We didn't have any big problems with that one. Next one starting was opening ceremony at 18:00. With that stream we had two problems. The bigger one was that our hardware wasn't working as it should so the HD stream didn't go out at all. And the other problem was with audio. We didn't have it at all with the SD stream. So the opening ceremony wasn't a very nice live experience for our remote participants. Luckily The ceremony video is now on Youtube in case you suffered from these problems or missed it altogether:

After we had that problem fixed we didn't see any big problems anymore. More or less some little stuff like audio levels was wrong. So we really need to have retrospective how we will avoid this kind of problems next time and we have to do risk analysis before hand. And now my inner scrum mistress is speaking ;) 

Any case I have learned a lot! I have been in front of the camera. I didn't have to know anything about technical stuff. Now I am supervising outgoing streams so I can see if we have problems and we have to deal with them or find someone else who can fix problems we are facing.  It is interesting, sometimes frustrating but at least I am learning every day something new.

And then some pictures from yesterday:
Main hall AV control

First stream started (Broadcast HQ)
Picture from one side of the main hall after the doors have been opened

And just because I can: A picture of my cat.
"If I fits I sits!"

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